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Traffic Stop Do’s & Don’ts:

  1. Remain cool, calm, and collected.  Remember that you are being observed by the officer and possibly recorded on audio/video.  What you say and do can and will be used against you in a court of law.
  2. Slow down and, when safe to do so, use your turn signal and pull over on the side of the road (usually the right side).
  3. Remain in your vehicle unless the officer directs you to get out of your vehicle.
  4. Keep your mouth shut.  It is important to not voluntarily offer the officer any information other than your name and your identification.  Oftentimes, people provide officers information that help lead to their arrest (such as how many drinks they consumed).  Do not do this.
  5. Do not argue with the officer.   This will only help lead to your arrest.
  6. Avoid giving the officer an excuse to search your vehicle.  Do not focus your attention on an area that you do not want the officer to search.
  7. Remember that you do not have to consent to the field sobriety test or the breathalyzer test.  If you have been drinking and are unsure as to whether you will pass these tests, you are not required to take these tests.   (In Louisiana, failure to take the breathalyzer test when asked to do so by the officer can lead to you losing your driver’s license, however not taking the breathalyzer could prevent your conviction for a DWI.)
  8. If you are placed under arrest, keep your mouth shut in the officer’s vehicle.
  9. Once you arrive at the jail, keep your mouth shut.
  10. Immediately contact Tammy Karas Griggs, a qualified attorney with over a decade of experience, who will fight for your rights.

Traffic Stops 

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