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Covington, LA prenup lawyer Tammy Karas Griggs assists in the preparation of prenups, formally known as prenuptial or premarital agreements, for clients wishing to create a thorough and concise agreement to define you and your loved one’s financial situation in the event of a divorce or death prior to the wedding.  Since marriage is subject to state law, property and financial rules vary widely across the board and some couples decide to secure their assets with a prenuptial agreement. To assist you in creating the prenup, you need to contact an experienced prenup attorney to guide you through the necessary steps and regulations to follow.

Understanding Prenuptial Agreements

Despite general consensus, a prenup is not only for the wealthy. There are many circumstances in which a couple may decide to go this route, whether it is for financial or familial reasons. Let’s face it, although marriage is an important and joyful part of our lives, who wants to give up 50% of their property or share someone else’s debts if things don’t work out? A prenup can help alleviate some of these conflicts by entering marriage with a pre-established contract. More specifically, here are some cases in which couples may want to get help from a prenuptial agreement lawyer:

  • If you or your spouse own property prior to entering the marriage, a prenup is a good way to specify how that property will be divided, hence avoiding courts to decide in the case of disagreement during a divorce.
  • If you or your spouse has children from previous marriages, a premarital agreement will define what property gets passed down to them in a case of death. A prenup lawyer can help you determine the risks of entering a marriage with or without such an agreement.
  • Some couples might simply decide to opt-in because of the added security of clarifying financial rights and responsibilities, such as who will pay the bills and who will manage the accounts.
  • A prenuptial agreement can be used to keep finances separate, and it is especially important if you and your fiancé are bringing debts to the marriage.

Family law is a delicate subject and most circumstances are specific to each case. If you’re considering a prenup, Tammy Karas Griggs Attorney at Law can help you determine your individual situation and draft an agreement that fits both you and your loved one.

Prenup Covington Lawyer: Tammy Karas Griggs Attorney At Law

A premarital agreement is a very efficient tool to iron out specific details about your financial and familial future before a marriage. Let our prenuptial agreement attorney at Tammy Karas Griggs Attorney At Law help you and your couple establish a lasting agreement to protect your future. Contact Tammy Karas Griggs Attorney At Law for a consultation today or call (985) CUSTODY.

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