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Child custody and child support lawyer Tammy Karas Griggs has been representing families in Covington, LA and Mandeville, LA in child custody and child support cases for the past 15 years providing exceptional support and understanding with the goal of being there for you during this difficult and stressful time. Tammy Karas Griggs understands what you’re going through especially when dealing with child custody battles, but when you’ve realized that you can no longer continue in your current lifestyle or feel your safety is in danger, you need to contact our experienced custody lawyer for a consultation. She’ll work with you to develop and take a proactive approach to uncover what you need to protect your children and your financial stability during and after a divorce.

Child Custody Options Available To You

As difficult as this can be for a family, you should understand all of the available custody options when children are involved in a divorce. In the state of Louisiana, there are four types of custody arrangements under family law:

  • Legal Custody
  • Physical Custody
  • Sole Custody
  • Joint Custody

Legal custody is a type of child custody where the parent or guardian is obligated to make decisions regarding the child’s future upbringing. These types of decisions include the areas of schooling, religion, and even medical care. If you are in joint legal custody and find that the other parent is not including you in important decision makings or is creating unnecessary tension that makes joint legal custody impossible, you have the right to bring that other parent back to court for sole legal custody. A child custody lawyer is needed to review the information and establish a case based on your testimony. Tammy will review the evidence and take a proactive approach to obtain the facts to then create a case that is advantageous for you.

Physical custody, on the other hand, is a type of child custody where a parent has the right to have the children live with him or her. If the children live primarily with one parent, that parent will be the custodial (main) parent with physical custody, while the other will have visitation rights with the children.

Sole custody is a type of sole legal or sole physical custody of children where one parent becomes solely responsible for the children. Parents who usually proceed with this route argue that the other parent is not fit to take care of the children due to reasons such as child abuse, alcohol or drug dependency, or other reasons. Although visitation rights may still be applicable for non-custodial parents, the custodial parent remains the primary caretaker for the children. If you are seeking sole custody, you need an experienced child custody lawyer to build your case. Our child custody attorney will review your testimony and the facts to determine whether the non-custodial parent is unfit to care for your children and create a strategy that works for you and your family.

Joint custody is a type of custody where parents who do not live together share custody over their children. Both parents will have an equal share in responsibilities and decision-making whether you are divorced or just separated. It is important to hire a child custody lawyer to determine the attributes of this agreement and to monitor the progress of the joint custody to make sure both parents are equally involved in the decision-making. If you find the other parent is not participating in your child’s well-being, you can take them to court for sole custody.

Child Support Criteria In Louisiana

In the state of Louisiana, child support is determined by the income of both parents, the number of children, and the expenses associated with raising those children. Typical expenses child support is used to cover include the following:

  • Basic needs
  • Education fees
  • Medical and dental healthcare
  • Extracurricular activities

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