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A Covington, LA divorce lawyer you can count on. Tammy Karas Griggs Attorney At Law has been providing legal representation for the past 15 years for families in Covington, LA, and Mandeville, LA in all areas of a divorce with your needs in mind.  As a divorcee, Tammy Karas Griggs understands the difficulty of the stress and emotional turmoil that comes from a divorce, but when you’ve found that you can no longer continue in this current lifestyle, you need to contact our experienced divorce lawyer who can help you keep what matters. She’ll conduct a consultation with you to evaluate your situation and create a comprehensive case to fight for your rights and the financial security of you and your children.

Types of Divorces

In the state of Louisiana, there are two types of divorces: fault-based and non-fault-based.

  1. Fault-Based: In the state of Louisiana, you may opt for a fault-based divorce upon the fault that your spouse committed adultery or was convicted of a felony. This type of divorce does not require the spouses to live separately or apart, and generally includes alimony to be paid by the faulted party.
  2. Non-Fault-Based: You may opt for a non-fault-based divorce in the state of Louisiana if you live separately and apart for a designated period of time. The designated time you have to live separately and apart varies in each marriage depending on whether or not minor children are a factor.

Due to the unique legal system in the state of Louisiana, it’s important that you hire a divorce lawyer who has extensive experience and a proactive approach to uncover the facts and build a case that is most advantageous for you.

Legal Family Issues Associated with Divorces

The most difficult part of a divorce involving children is trying to accommodate for the lost income for families that ran by two working spouses. To ensure that your well-being is kept, there are other legal matters that need to be taken into consideration. When working with Tammy Karas Griggs, she will take a proactive approach to understand the situation around your family and gathering evidence to create a case where you and your children will be happiest.

  • Child custody and support: Tammy will work with you and your children to determine what custody is best for you and your children – from visitation rights, partial or sole custody, or joint custody. She will also sit with you to discuss Louisiana’s state guidelines for child support that takes into consideration the income from both parents and future expenses.
  • Name change: if you wish to change your name after your divorce to reassume your maiden name, our divorce lawyer can help you.
  • Protective orders & restraining orders: if your divorce is due to your family becoming so strained that a risk of violence may occur, you need to consider a protective or restraining order to protect yourself and your children. Our divorce lawyer can assist you in this process to keep you and your family safe.
  • Spousal Support (Alimony): in the state of Louisiana, a spouse may receive financial support during the divorce process if the financial strain is significant enough, as well as if the other spouse is capable of paying such support.

Divorce Lawyer: Tammy Karas Griggs Attorney At Law

A divorce is a very difficult time for any family and you need help to ensure that in this time of turmoil, you are meeting the necessary regulations and protocols to ensure an easy transition. Let our divorce attorney at Tammy Karas Griggs Attorney At Law take the burden so you can rest easy. Especially if you feel like you are being threatened or if your spouse already has an attorney, it’s important that you hire an experienced attorney who can build a case that is most advantageous for you. Contact Tammy Karas Griggs Attorney At Law for a consultation today or call (985) CUSTODY.

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