Fathers Day After Divorce

Father’s Day After Divorce

Father’s Day after divorce can be difficult to think about. For many divorced Fathers out there, this holiday can serve as a harsh reminder of the most painful loss from the divorce: Time with their children.

However, this special holiday can reinforce the fact that you are always there for them. You may still be feeling hurt and resentful, but Father’s Day is not all about you and is also about your kids.

No matter how much time you actually get to spend with your children on Father’s day , you need to make the effort to show your kids you love them and are there for them to the fullest extent. Planning something fun and meaningful will express how much you care.

When planning your Father’s Day, keep the following in mind. 

Leave your resentment at the door

It is fairly common to hold a grudge towards your ex for a long time after the divorce, and it can be even more or an issue if the divorce was recent.  Put all your negative feelings away while you are working to make it a special day for your children.

Plan ahead

Winging it may be more of your style, but to make the most out of the time you have with your kids on Father’s Day, planning ahead is super important. Figure out your children’s schedules in advance and plan accordingly, as well as some contingency ideas for situations where something falls through.

Use technology

Even if you are unable to see your children in person you can still use technology to show them you care about seeing them. Video chatting apps such as Facetime, Skype, and other camera apps will allow you to see your kids face to face.

Focus on Quality time

Some fathers may not be able to spend the entire day with their kids, others will be limited to just a few hours and there are still more who will not get to see their kids at all. However, the amount of time you spend isn’t what matters — it’s how you spend it.

Money doesn’t matter

Don’t be ashamed if you cannot go afford expensive plans. It’s very common and completely understandable that divorce wreaks havoc on bank accounts.

Be Creative

Don’t just sit and watch TV together, get active and creative!  Even things as simple as going to a park, a local pool, on a hike, fishing or crafting some kind of project together will strengthen your bond with your children.

Contact your Father

Don’t neglect your own father on Father’s Day!  The chances are you won’t have your kids for the whole day, so take a moment after your children have left to reach out to your own father. Even getting your whole side of the family together will be a good experience for your father and your children.

If you feel that your custody plan is unfair, Tammy Karas-Griggs can help. It’s important for all children to see both of their parents. Happy Father’s Day from Tammy Karas-Griggs.

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  • Jamie Holden
    Posted at 10:07h, 19 July

    Father’s Day is a great holiday to spend time with your kids and make memories!

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