Ronald Marchand Testimonial

I’d like to formally and publicly acknowledge Attorney Tammy Karas Griggs for her superior expertise and professionalism exhibited, representing me as my attorney during my recent divorce trial, in the 22nd Judicial District Court, Division “L”, Covington Louisiana. I’ve never before written a letter of personal reference like this, on an entirely unsolicited basis. However, in this case, I was so impressed by Ms. Griggs’ support, service, and advice, that she provided to me, I felt compelled to go on record with my praise, she truly deserves it.

Needless to say, I was astounded because, in an era, where exceptional professionalism has virtually disappeared, Ms. Griggs has definitely left a lasting impression upon me. I’ve relied heavily on her advice, and I was completely dazzled by her communication skills and the courage she exhibited during my court hearing. I was overwhelmed when I heard the final outcome of the divorce court proceedings. Thank you so much Tammy for protecting my interest. I am so thankful for your service, passion, and experience.

In our meetings prior to the trial, She was always helpful, informative and made sure that I was comfortable and had a clear understanding of every detail of my proceeding. In final summation, I must say, Ms. Griggs, I will never forget what you have done to make sure that I was given a fair trial. You were able to present my case, and I’m more than pleased with the final outcome. I feel so indebted to you for all your hard work.


Ronald L. Marchand

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