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Why you need a DUI attorney

Do you know when you need a DUI attorney? Driving under the influence is the most common criminal offense in the US. Many safe drivers with otherwise clean records have surprisingly been arrested for a DUI and suddenly found their lives spiraling out of control.

DUI convictions have major ramifications, and unfortunately, they can linger for years. Many of us are aware of the short-term consequences:

  • Short-term consequences
  • Temporary driver’s license suspension
  • Fees and fines
  • High insurance premiums
  • Court-mandated community service
  • Drunk driving education programs
  • Jail time

However, the long-term shock waves from a DUI can cause even greater pain. After you pay your fines and fulfill your legal obligations, your DUI conviction can undermine your future opportunities. The long-term consequences are as follows:

Driver’s license revocation

You could potentially have your driver’s license taken away for up to two years for your first conviction. This makes it difficult to get to work, and some people end up losing their job. Losing your freedom of driving can be stressful.

Background checks

Most employers conduct criminal background checks before they hire job applicants. A felony or misdemeanor DUI conviction could ruin your chances of obtaining a new job.


Your current job may be affected by a DUI arrest and conviction. This depends on the time that you miss work because of court dates and more.

Auto Insurance rates

Following a DUI conviction, your insurance rates will increase significantly. A driver with a DUI on their record is considered a high-risk driver by insurance companies.

Professional relationships

A DUI arrest can adversely affect the way you are perceived by your coworkers and employer. Even if you try to keep it under wraps, your DUI arrest may be publicized by local media.

Personal relationships

The feeling of embarrassment or shame might more than likely make your relationships feel a little uneasy.

Scholarships Programs

Scholarship programs have been known to cancel their scholarship offers or end them abruptly because of DUI convictions.

Dealing with a DUI is never simple. In fact, that is why you need a DUI attorney. Tammy Karas-Griggs has helped dozens of people from the road to the courtroom!


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