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New Year’s Resolutions for Your Family From Tammy Karas-Griggs

It’s the time of year that everyone is adopting the phrase “new year, new me.” It’s a great time to make resolutions for the coming year and consider making some important family law resolutions while you are at it. Tammy Karas-Griggs is the top divorce lawyer on the northshore and wants to share these three family resolutions for the new year.


Update Your Will and More

No matter what age you are, you should update your will regularly. Your life is continuously changing as well as your assets. This also means that how you would like your estate distributed will also change. Make a resolution to update your will this year but if you do not have one, you should know that your estate will be distributed according to the rules of intestacy on your death. This means that your estate is shared amongst your spouse and children. In the same way, you need to update your Powers of Attorney.


Update Child Support Agreement

Most  child support agreements ask for you to provide his or her income information every year. Child support varies with income and you should always check and make sure the payor’s income has no increased since you signed the separation agreement.


Start Planning Holidays Now

Having a custody agreement should be based on fairness. Even though we just passed through the Holidays, it’s good to start planning for this upcoming year’s holiday time as well/ Leaving decisions to the last minute can make holidays stressful and could ruin opportunities for travel.


Tammy Karas-Griggs knows that facing all of these decisions in the New Year can be tough on anyone. If you need a helping hand to help you navigate through these difficult decisions, Tammy Karas-Griggs can help. Since Tammy Karas-Griggs has been The Northshore’s number one attorney for more than 10 years, no job is impossible.



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