Experienced Misdemeanor Attorney

Experienced Misdemeanor Attorney and Possession Charges

Marijuana Laws in Louisiana are still complicated and even though not as strict as the past, if you are caught with possession you still need an Experienced Misdemeanor Attorney.  Medical marijuana has made plenty of headlines lately from treating epilepsy to rare skin disorders. However, here in Louisiana, we have yet to see Medical Marijuana to be legalized. Although many states in the U.S have legalized recreational and medical use of Marijuana, laws don’t change as fast as public opinion.

As of right now, Louisiana has a medical marijuana law, but it has not taken effect yet. People can still get arrested and prosecuted for simple possession even with a medical condition. If you’re currently smoking, don’t fret just yet. The good thing about Louisiana’s approach is that first time offenses involving less than 2.5 pounds of marijuana can result in just a ticket and fine. However, those caught with half an ounce can face a fine of up to $300 and potentially 15 days in jail while possessing more than that can result in a $500 fine and as much as six months in jail.

Remember, if it’s your first penalty, you have an opportunity to clean your conviction if you are not charged with ANY other crimes for at least two years after the initial offense. If you are convicted, it can result in up to six months in jail and fine as much as $1,000, while third can be $2,5000 and up to two years of imprisonment.

If somehow you haven’t learned your lesson by then, a fourth possession can be up to a $5,000 fine and eight years in jail. This means that depending on your situation, marijuana possession could result in a misdemeanor or felony charge. Many individuals may brush off a misdemeanor conviction as being not serious. They may quickly plead guilty to avoid the expense and publicity of a trial, thinking that a misdemeanor will not affect them. However, any criminal conviction can have long-lasting consequences. Criminal defendants should be aware of the potential impact of any conviction before they accept a plea agreement or plead guilty.

Tammy Karas-Griggs has helped soften the blow for many people in Louisiana after receiving a criminal charge. If you have been recently charged with possession, contact Tammy Karas today!


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