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Divorce During The Holiday Season | TKG

Divorce is already hard, but divorce during the holiday season can be even harder. When the weather gets cooler, something happens in our brains that makes us feel a little needier than normal. Maybe it’s the holidays approaching or maybe it’s simply the cooler weather, but we as human beings want to connect. When a spouse moves out or when you finally end things with someone, many people feel relieved initially. However, after the initial excitement and newfound freedom, you may experience some of the feelings of loss. Memories may start to come back of the good old days, and now you are feeling sentimental.


Experiencing a divorce is like fighting through a flurry of emotions. The cycle can keep repeating where you feel happy, sad and then angry. Whether you’re at the beginning of the divorce process or right in the middle, it’s helpful to seek the ears of those who have had a similar experience. For those of you that aren’t ready yet, take this advice from Vikki Ziegler. Vikki Ziegler is the host of BravoTV’s Untying the Knot and the CEO of Divorce dating.


“The best advice I got during my divorce was that it hurts now but it will get better. Not everyone is meant to be together. You will find love again, so don’t give up. Stop worrying. Things will unfold and soon it will be over; you cannot get back the time you wasted worrying about things out of your control. Divorce can be a rebirth, so start reinventing yourself to be the best you for your next relationship. Get prepared. Do your research and interview several lawyers through referrals and try to find one you feel comfortable with. Get a therapist or a life coach, take up yoga, and make sure your accountant is available to help you. Then let your lawyer work for you and protect you. Turn off from the divorce process at night and on the weekends and focus on things that make you happy and that you’re grateful for instead.”


It is already hard enough dealing with divorce aside from all of the financial and legal issues that come with it. Let Tammy Karas-Griggs be your rock during your difficult time.


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