Custody Agreements During Halloween

Custody Agreements During Halloween

Custody agreements during Halloween can be SCARY. Halloween can be a tricky time for parents that are going through a divorce. Whether you are deep in the divorce process, or whether those days are long behind you, your children should have the best Halloween!

Here are some tips for a successful Halloween.

Plan Ahead

It’s important to communicate with your child’s other parent about the upcoming holiday. When looking at your custody agreement ahead of time make sure you are prepared where Halloween falls.

Consider Sharing The Night

If you and your ex live in different neighborhoods, make arrangements to have your children split the evening and trick or treat in both neighborhoods!

Consider Reuniting

Depending on your situation, you may be able to celebrate Halloween all together. Think about the message that this will send to your children. Showing your children that you and your ex can set aside your problems for them to have a stress free and fun time.

Celebrate Two Days

Sometimes kids that have divorced parents get lucky and get to celebrate holidays twice! One parent can have a spooky movie, candy, and treat night at home and the other can do the trick or treating.

Costume Picking

Most schools have dress codes that are enforced on Halloween and some have even banned dressing up all together on Halloween. Many schools have nixed the traditional costume march because of the nature of some of the costumes: some are too violent or too provocative. As a co-parent, both parents need to unite and be a good example for their children. Make sure the rules are not too diverse between the two parents.

Splitting time can be difficult when it comes to any holiday. Tammy Karas-Griggs has years of experience helping parents with their custody plans. If you want to ensure that your Halloween is the best it can be for your kids and not so scary, contact Tammy Karas-Griggs today.

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