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How a Criminal Record Can Hurt Your Future

Most people believe they pay for their crimes when they serve out their sentence, however having a criminal record can continue to impact many aspects their life, especially employment. The National Employment Law Project reports that one in four adults, roughly 65 million Americans, have either arrest or conviction records. These histories can follow them for years, preventing them from securing a safe place to live or quality job that will pay the bills. 

Employers can conduct a criminal record check before or after hiring someone. Not all do, but all employers have a right to. A criminal background check can tell the employer your basic information, any felonies or misdemeanors on your record, current and past arrest or court warrants, and federal or state bankruptcies. If you have a criminal record and want to know what the background check says, you should run a background check on yourself. 

Any private employer can deny you employment or fire you if you have a criminal record. No matter how much you regret your past conviction, a criminal history can stick with you. Studies show that hiring managers tend to assign certain qualities to individuals who have a criminal past. People with a criminal background are associated with drug or alcohol issues, tardiness or absenteeism, and problems with authority figures. 

If you have a criminal record you should always be upfront with an employer before they conduct a background check. Honesty might help them gain trust, as well as showing remorse and discussing what you learned from your mistakes. 

Depending on your circumstances, someone with a record might consider seeking expungement for the charges. Anyone with a criminal record should consult with a law attorney to learn more about their options. 

If you are battling your criminal record, Tammy Karas-Griggs can help. Tammy Karas-Griggs fights for those with felonies and misdemeanors to make sure they still have the ability to have a future.

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