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As a Louisiana Paternity Attorney, genetic tests are seen as harmless or even fun, however the secrets they can reveal can leave people sad and can cause tension in their family. When it comes to divorce, many men find themselves in doubt and asking if they are the true father when their partner gets pregnant. The first route is taking a paternity test. The most common reason why more men do not seek paternity tests is that they feel guilty for assuming that a child might not be theirs.

Men often wonder how a woman will react to the request for a paternity test. In reality, even though the request for one is not wrong, women may feel offended. When discussing a paternity test with your partner, it’s important to talk about how easy and affordable it is. Start your conversation calmly and be prepared to relieve emotional stress. Here are some ways for your to seek a paternity test with less issues between you and your partner.

How to Deal with Hurt Feelings

Asking for a test is not accusing the woman of cheating. Even though doubts are the reason behind seeking for a paternity test, it is only a definitive test to help move further to ensure fairness. Present your decisions with delicateness and understand that hurt feelings may occur.


Maybe you don’t want to have the conversation to avoid the damaging of your relationship all together. There are ways to discretely have paternity tests done. These tests are usually done with swabs and you can see your options here.


If a woman has nothing to hide, they will probably be completely acceptance. There might be a chance that the woman would understand the man’s stance and agree to the test. It’s important to understand also, that statistically, many men who are scientifically proven to be the father still may not end up fulfilling thier role.

Other words of Advice

Maybe using a dna test that is designed to look for ancestral origins can be performed instead, such as 23&me or Ancestry.com. Whichever approach you use, prepare yourself to deal with the different reactions that could arise as well as the results of the test.

Tammy Karas-Griggs is prepared to help you every step of the way while you navigate through these difficult processes.


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