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Summer Custody Plans | Tammy Karas-Griggs

School is almost out, for kids that means summer fun, but for parents that means a change to their normal custody schedule. For all families it’s important to make plans for the summer, however it’s especially important for divorced parents to plan in advance for summer vacation. 

Often when making plans for the summer, conflict can arise between co-parents. Both may already have trips in mind and dates can be easily overlapped. Before those plans cause an argument take time to communicate and work out a schedule that works best for the children. 

First, it’s important for co-parents to take time to talk about their individual vacation plans. Parents should get together early, before they make any reservations, to discuss when and where they are planning to go. It’s smart not to finalize anything before co-parents talk to avoid having to cancel reservations or rebook a flight. 

Next, parents should check their work and social schedules for any plans that could change their summer custody plans. Planning for things like family picnics or an out-of-town conference, will allow parents to work out any trades in parenting time early. Parents should also check for events that the children have, like birthday parties or sports games, to work out which ones each parent wants to attend. 

Planning for summer daycare, if needed, is also a big consideration. Whether parents use a daycare program or a sitter, it’s good for both parent to be informed. 

Lastly, parents should make sure to talk to their kids to see what they want to do for the summer. Then talk to their co-parent about working that into the custody schedule. Summer vacation is an exciting time for all kids and parents should work together to ensure their kids have fun. If you need assistance with your custody plan,   contact Tammy Karas-Griggs today! 

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