Questions Before Divorce You Should Ask Yourself

If you are at a crossroad, there are some questions before divorce that you should ask yourself. If your marriage is in question and you’re facing a real dilemma, you may be the one who is deciding should you stay or should you go. Tammy Karas-Griggs has seen numerous different divorce cases and knows the best way to go about all of them. Here are six questions that you should ask yourself before you go through with Divorce.

Do I still have romantic feelings?

Many people who say they want a divorce still have strong feelings for their partner. However, there may be a lack of intimacy or closeness. If this is how you feel, it is best that you work on your relationship prior to divorce. If you don’t, you might find yourself worse off afterwards.

Was I really honoring marriage?

Many people who are considering a divorce have never had a marriage that was anything more than two individuals meeting their own needs. They may have raised children together and owned a home, but no other real marriage traits are there. If you have not developed a relationship that is inclusive, this would be the time to either commit to working together or pursuing a divorce.

Am I truly ready?

In heated arguments, divorce is threatened. People who consistently threaten divorce lose credibility with themselves and their partner. Make sure that you are not getting heated in the moment before you make any rash decisions.

Is this decision based on self awareness or an emotional reaction?

Following up with the last question, you should always make a clear unemotional decision that can be supported over time. Divorce means being able to let go of all strong emotional attachments to the other person, the loving ones as well as the hostile and hurtful ones.

What is the intent?

Recognizing the conflict and knowing that you are still going to struggle through your divorce is important. Make a list for yourself so that you can see your intent written down and in writing.

Am I willing to take control of my own life?

Being newly single means that you will have to be mature and responsible enough to seize control of your own life. This can be scary for some people, but Tammy Karas-Griggs can help you before, during, and after your divorce. If you are seeking a divorce attorney on the Northshore, contact her today!


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