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Five Ways Personal Injury Can Affect Your Life

Personal injury comes in many different forms from minor scrapes and bruises to those that threaten your career or your life. When most people think of personal injuries, they believe that it will be treated and be over relatively fast. However, personal injuries affect other areas of your life. Here are five ways that personal injuries can have a tremendous effect on your life.

Physical Deformity

Certain types of injuries can cause physical deformities or changes in appearance that range from the minor and unnoticeable to those that dramatically change the way that you look. Even cuts, burns, other injuries involving skin can leave scars on the body long after they’ve healed. More severe injuries can even change the way someone looks completely. Also, those that have been injured can undergo serious emotional and psychological strain.


Injuries can also affect the way that you move. Sprains, broken bones, and other injuries are common causes of immobility. Depending on severity, its effect on a person’s mobility can be temporary or permanent.

Loss of Income

When you’re unable to work because of an injury, you’re potentially losing time and missing opportunities to earn money for your skills. Losing your income can be significant, and the longer that you are unable to work because of your injury, the higher your income loss and cost of missed opportunities for work will be.

Career Growth

In some cases, personal injuries can prevent people from advancing or developing their careers. This is relevant for careers and jobs that employ very specific skill-sets. If you have been injured and can not grow in your career, it might halt your entire career.

Financial Costs and Expenses

Injuries can be expensive matters, even if you aren’t responsible for shouldering the costs of an injury. It’s not just the initial treatment and recovery methods that can be costly either. Depending on the injury, recovery and treatment costs for an injury can extend over a long period.

An experienced personal injury attorney can make the process of recovering from an injury much smoother. Tammy Karas-Griggs is a Personal Injury Lawyer in Livingston that has extensive experience helping those that have been injured receive the compensation that they deserve as well as alleviating the stress of going through it all. With Tammy Karas-Griggs’ help, you can focus on getting back to normal without the excess worries surrounding you.


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