help for abuse victims

Help For Abuse Victims

According to statistics from the U.S. Department of Justice, there are an estimated 960,000 incidents of domestic abuse every year. This then translates to approximately six million children who witness domestic violence annually. Although that number may seem daunting, there are fortunately more than a few options that can provide help for abuse victims in the middle of this crisis. For something as traumatic or damaging as abuse, any form of help can be appreciated.

In Louisiana, there are twenty-six organizations in fourteen different cities that provide at least some form of help for abuse victims. For example, the Metropolitan Center for Women and Children in Jefferson Parish offers shelter, counseling, and even legal counseling to women suffering from domestic abuse or sexual assault. Other notable spots such as the New Orleans Women’s Shelter or Oasis, a Safe Haven for Survivors of Domestic & Sexual Violence, also assist victims of violence. Beyond these organizations, other advocacy groups can even provide help for specific areas such as sexual abuse, children’s services, or housing. As additional options, the Family Counseling Agency gives marital, family, and children’s counseling to troubled families while the Shepherd Center offers shelters. Though not completely focused on domestic abuse, these other places deliver significant assistance to those considered domestic victims.  

Of course, the most immediate action a victim should take is to flee to a safe location and call the police or an attorney. Though some statistics indicate that as little as 25% of all domestic cases are reported, the act of contacting authorities is still the most successful method of inciting any change to the situation. Because of this, many organizations providing help for abuse victims also set up a hotline or online resource to offer connective assistance from any location. These hotlines or websites serve as twenty-four-hour phone services that speak directly to the victim and offers advice and assistance without any further action needed from the victim. Other authorities such as Child Protection Services also offer necessary protection from a basic phone call. Because some women may consider themselves trapped from seeking out help physically, these sources can be an easier and more discreet method of protecting themselves and their children.

If you or a loved one is trapped in domestic abuse, do not hesitate to contact the police. Many shelters and groups are eager to provide help for abuse victims of all ages and backgrounds.

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